About us.

We take pride in our roots, crafting exquisite tiles with love and expertise. our tiles are a testament to India's rich legacy, handcrafted with passion and precision, showcasing our nation's artistry on the global stage.

Supreme Surface is a leading name in the world of tiles, where artistry and innovation converge to create extraordinary spaces. Established with a passion for excellence, we take immense pride in curating a premium range of tiles that elevate interiors and exteriors alike.

Our specialty in producing a diverse range of products, including Digital Wall Tiles, GVT Tiles & Slab Tiles. Strengthened by the extensive industry experience of promoters, stringent quality control, and commitment to customer service, our products have established a significant presence across the global market.


Quality becomes not merely an aim but the underlying motor of a new strategy, a unifying principle that brings together the most change-oriented forces both inside and outside firms.


Respect for the environment is a result of the great value Supreme Surface has always recognized in the land where it is based: a land rich in clay and home to a tradition of working with ceramics.


New lifestyles demand new products. Fresh priorities, such as those of the environment inside and outside homes, offices and public buildings, lead to the updating of the models for use of materials.